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Techno is music with lots of instrument sounds on it and tends to be highly-repetitive that you can hear in a DJ set. The repetitive, consistent beat encourages listeners to dance than listen to it.

Creating or producing techno sounds is not as easy as you think it is. Years of experience and the proper skills help one to be able to create the ultimate techno sounds. Hamed Wardak, a professional music producer, shared some of his techniques.

Mac computer

This Apple product is expensive, but it is the best for music production. It is not enough to use any computer to produce the best music, and everyone will agree that Mac products have the best music programs. You will find far fewer free music software and audio plugins for Mac than for PC, but buying those are worth it. A Mac is perfect for audio work because of its stable and proven Core Audio system. It also gets fewer viruses and malware compared to Windows. Save enough and do your best to buy a Mac computer.

Digital Audio WorkspaceAbleton Live

Once you have a Mac computer, the next thing you will need is a Digital Audio Workspace or DAW. A DAW is the most critical part of your music production workstation. Your DAW software is where all the audio recording, audio editing, and mixing takes place. Some of the commercial DAWs on the market are Logic Pro X and Audacity. But, Ableton Live is the best when it comes to creating techno music. It has a loop-based approach to production, allowing DJs to use it for mixing tracks and loops from other artists. Ableton’s part-oriented arranger makes electronic live performance, creation, and improvisation easy.

Kick drum effect

What is techno without the kicks? Techno is famous for its striking and ground shaking kick drums with powerful low-end frequencies. One kick drum sample is not enough to achieve the desired sound. Creating your kick will give you a unique sound that is perfect for your music. Recording an acoustic sound is one of the best ways to produce a one-of-a-kind kick. You can even use your smartphone for this.

Delay, metallic sounds, shaker, and a clap

You can add some pre-delay to the sound by using Ableton. You should also add some unique metallic sounds of machinery and futurism. Add a shaker or hi-hat and a clap on the off beats to give more motion to your track.

Mix them all

The final step is to mix all the components. Make sure you listen to it on different earphones and speakers so you can adjust it to your preference.