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Breaking Web Development Myths

Web development is an extremely important job that needs to be done while supporting all the possibilities of myths. You can not really take risks if you know that this is the only one that determines the success of the site. Although it is necessary to destroy all these myths, many developers of the website development sydney industry cannot really distinguish myth from fact. Let’s find web development myths that professionals often confuse with facts.

My site will be classified as not. 1 during its launch.

Wake up This is Google, which will index your site. Then Google will decide when to index your site, but it’s hard to say when it will be rated as the highest. It may take weeks or months to get to the first page in accordance with the SEO standard. Very rarely any site among the top ten for the week.

Using the flash on the site will give the best result.

Flash may be a good function to improve the appearance of the site, but in terms of performance, it may not work as we would like. This is because flash affects the position in search results. Although there are sites that work better, despite the fact that they have a flash job, it is not recommended to create all sites in flash memory.

web development myths

No need to update the site.

Often, due to lack of time or money, people calm down by saying this. The fact is that if you do not regularly update your site, SEO will not be able to work without working on the page. Rather, he will lose his existing ranking in search engine results. Nowadays, updating the site is not at all difficult. Just get a content management system and update your site in minutes. If you don’t even have this short amount of time, hire a full-time web developer who puts everything in place.

If the existing website is down, the new one will not do anything.

The need for a new website arises precisely when the one that comes out does not work. With the new website, you can eliminate all the inconveniences of your previous website, which limited the traffic to get there.

you have to work more on the main page because this is the one that people will see first

This is not always necessary, because if you pointed to your landing page, this will be the first page that visitors can see in front of your home page. Therefore, there may be many entry points for visitors. Work on every page rich in content and only on the main page.