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The Basics About VLF Withstand Voltage Test Of Cables

When testing the voltage of any cables, there is a secured equipment and procedure to follow. Conducting the very low frequency (VLF) withstand testing is important for this matter. The vlf test equipment is usually used for the application of an AC sinusoidal waveform, generally at 0.01 – 0.1 Hz. This is to assess the quality of electrical insulation, especially in cables. In most tests, the cable should load electricity higher than what it does on normal operation. This is to allow a higher test voltage and know its weak points or pre-damaged areas within the cable. This way, the cables will break down during the test, rather than while they are in service. Thus, getting the reliable VLF to withstand test is vital to get a “go or no-go” test result or a “pass/fail” test.

VLF Withstand Test Parameters

To verify the integrity of the cable under test, you need to do the VLF withstand the test. This will inform you if the test cable has a defect severe enough at the withstand test voltage. The electrical tree will start and further growth in the insulation. This channel growth time includes the test voltage, source frequency, and amplitude. It also sees the geometry of the possible defect on the cables.

During the test duration, established the cosine-rectangular and the sinusoidal wave shapes. This is to ensure that the electrical tree from the tip of the needle in PE insulation penetrates. The insulation and the time to failure vary according to the type of insulation such as PE, paper, and rubber. Thus, the materials and defects will be different on the electrical tree growth rate. 

equipmentThe Advantages of VLF

VLF testing is an important part of an AC cable maintenance routine. It is more practical than AC testers with the same output and amount of power as a 50 Hz mains device. The compact size and power make it perfect for testing longer sections of cables.  It uses lower power and current need when testing a cable at the same test voltage. The size of the test instrument is reducible to allow for a very portable high voltage tests. Using the VLF test equipment is (helpful) than on the other apparatus. Thus, getting the best vlf tool is vital and see to it that it is easy to use to prevent trouble in the long run.

Handy and Easy To Use Equipment

Getting equipment that is easier and safe to use is vital when doing a test voltage in cables. The right equipment can help you provide outstanding simplicity and accuracy. This way, you can maneuver and select preset manual or automatic test sequences. You can also create new specific test sequences under international standard and guidelines. The use of the test equipment is vital to assist the high degree test frequency calculation. Thus, opt for an automatic output frequency to the load applied to the HVA high voltage test equipment. This way, you will be able to perform the withstand test with simplicity and accuracy.