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Effects of Social Media on Society

Social media is a platform which allows interaction with known as well as an unknown person. All age people can visit social media sites and can express themselves. By the introduction of social media like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and others have changed the culture of society.

Today it is used for negative and positive purposes depending on thinking of users. One may choose to buy Instagram likes instantly to become popular. So one can say that social media is affecting different people in different ways.

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Social media has made life easy for long distance people who can’t connect with each other on regular basis. If a person living in America wants to connect with a person sitting in India it will be very difficult to connect to the phone because costs are too high. But by using Facebook like social media one can easily connect.


There are many people who are using social media as it is their lifeline. This must be the bad approach towards society. People are getting addicted to social media which is one of the biggest drawbacks and it needs to be sorted out otherwise it can lead to violence.


As we discussed earlier that social media is a vast scope to express your views and can connect to the world. This will really help in developing your talent.

  • If you are smart enough to represent any video in an innovative way, it will certainly help you to make yourself popular and can also earn money.
  • There are many examples around us who are getting heavy benefit from social media.
  • Many social media have included live video facility, this means that you don’t need to go anywhere to express yourself instead you just go live and the world will see you.
  • If you are creative in writing you can create your own blog and can post anything informative and logical.


Every evolving technology or social sites have both merits and demerits as well but it depends on us how we take it. Because if the world is getting smaller today than this technology and social media is a big reason behind this. These are the lifeline of people in present era because everything around us is evolving around this.

Social media is changing our society. If we compare today with a few years back, easily we can say that social media has impacted our society. It may be cultural change or mindset change everything is somewhere related to social media.