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Stainless Steel Plated Fender Washers

A steel washer in a disk shaped plate which has a hole in the center and is used to disburse the weight of a fastener like screw or bolt. Washers are primarily used in plumbing or automobiles to distribute the load of the nut properly over the surface to protect the surface from getting damaged or getting loose. In mechanical workshops, a washer is also used to prevent the assembled parts from getting damaged. During tightening process, the surface of the part can get damaged and the washer is used exactly to oppose this phenomena. This proves to be of great help when the material is soft like plastic, aluminum or brass where washer made of stainless steel can be used.

About the fender washer

Stainless steel plated fender washers is a flat shaped washer which has an outer diameter larger in proportion to its central hole. Due to the large outer diameter design, the fender washer can be easily placed below the surface of bolt and nut, facilitating easy distribution of load. These washers are mainly used because of the fact that they provide better hold and grip on a thin piece of metal or plastic parts. Various companies manufacture fender washers for various purposes and in different materials. Due to the variety of purposes that they serve, these washers are widely used by people for mechanical and electrical activities:

  • Prevents parts from getting loose- These washers are designed specifically to keep the nut and bolt in a machine from getting loose. The reason we use them with nut or bolt is because fender washers work best with parts that are easy to turn.
  • Protection to parts- A fender washer is also used to protect the assembled parts from getting damaged, primarily when the parts are of softer material like plastic. This is done because during tightening the parts, the surface might get damaged.
  • Distributes the pressure- a fender washer is used to disperse the pressure of the bolt over a larger part of a thin material. This helps in keeping the material flat and prevent the pullout of fastener.

Thus, stainless steel plated fender washers are of great help in the electrical, plumbing or mechanical fields.