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Modern Office: How to Choose the Light Fixture

It is no secret that the aesthetic of offices gives profound impact on employee’s performance and job satisfaction.

One of the top factors is the lighting. A study done by the Journal of Public Affairs discovered that light is a key influence that greatly affects an employee’s productivity and mood.

And as a business owner, low productivity is a losing money. Right?

This is not only about changing a light bulb. If you really want your employees to be laser-focused on their jobs, you must also choose the best office light fixture that will fit your and your employees’ needs.

Read on to know the basic information on choosing the right office light fixture for you.

Use the Power of Natural Light

According to a survey done by Leesman benchmarking tool, 75.8 percent employees in the 69 countries claimed that natural light is very important for them while they are working.

Also, glaring artificial lighting is very unhealthy and can cause eye strain, stress and burnout.

Think about this: All living organisms in this world needs the light from the sun to survive. And if you’re employees are breathing, living organisms, then having a right amount of natural light is a must.

Light Designs and Positioning

Obviously, the sun does not light up 24 hours. Also, there are times when natural lighting is no longer friendly to your working environment. As time goes by, the sun gets hotter, can cause humidity, making it uncomfortable to work.

This is where you should get proper lighting fixtures. But you have to put in mind that one light bulb cannot be applied to every section of your office.

Each section serves its distinct function; thus you need to install a light in accordance with the function and need of the room.

Moreover, light designs are not only for decoration, it also has its own purpose. For example, if your office has a high ceiling, consider using linear lighting. It will give a focused lighting to a specific area like conference table or at the reception area.

Energy Efficient

Did you know that the longer you use a single incandescent bulb, the higher you consume electricity?

This is how Light Emitting Diode or commonly known as LED lights revolutionized the energy efficient light bulbs.

So if you want to have a solid, efficient yet energy and money saving light, get yourself an LED light.

Another good option is compact fluorescent lamps (CFLs). Just like LED, CFLs are a mini version of full-sized fluorescent which gives off the same light as to incandescent bulbs.