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At Black Hawk supply Controls, HVAC products are designed perfectly to work seamlessly within all your HVAC systems. Black Hawk Supply Control detectors are not just engineered and designed for performance purpose, but they are made and engineered to help decrease the expenses and also the time spent on installation. At Black Hawk supply, you can choose from their humidity detectors, pressure HVAC temperature sensors, pressure detectors, carbon dioxide detectors, network detectors and occupancy detectors. All the products of Black Hawk Supply are designed with advanced and latest technology to deliver the reliability you need.

HVAC temperature sensors

Black Hawk Supply online site offers you with best zoning systems so that you can control cooling and heating of air at different zones of your home in different ways by saving energy usage cost. Black Hawk supply with their HVAC products creates efficient energy solutions and integrated infrastructure that work seamlessly together to give smart products.

Black Hawk Supply covers and provides all the HVAC control applications and mounting options. With plenty of options available, Black hawk Supply is best source to buy sensors. From current control detectors for equipment monitoring, temperature detectors for cooling and heating to CO2 detectors for demand control ventilation (DCV), Black Hawk Supply provides all under one-stop destination. Black Hawk Supply is well known for its latest technology, affordability, ease of installation, accurate performance and reliability.

Black Hawk supply CO2 detectors are best for demand control ventilation. CO2 detectors are particularly used for DCV that is for demand control ventilation (DCV) and in air conditioning systems, it is used to control the amount of fresh outdoor air supplied to space for best cooling and for maintaining acceptable levels of CO2. Black Hawk supply C02 detectors can double and triple the year-round savings over cooling. CO2 detectors at Black Hawk supply are available in wall mount models and also in duct mount models. They are available with the display or without a display. They are available with on board humidity or without on board humidity and with or without temperature display.

Current detectors available at Black Hawk Supply are used to measure the current operating level. By using these current detectors, you can easily detect whether current is flowing or not and can transmit the status to a building management system, DDC or PLC controller as per your preference. It helps to prevent equipment damage and to reduce downtime by detecting a motor failure, slippage, belt loss or a mechanical failure.