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What makes Scottsdale pool tile cleaning different from others?

Scottsdale provides pool tile cleaning az service to clients who wish to make their pool looking anew. They want to take time to look at the client’s pool tiles and understand what exactly they need to look like the day they were set up. They always do the deep cleaning of the customer swimming pool tiles so that they will surely look as shiny and new as possible. System build-up is a problem, and they are extremely expert at tackling that. While there is another pool tile cleaning companies who skimp on pool tile cleaning, but not with Scottsdale. The family company have plenty of years of experiences and only send skillful professional tile cleaners to the customer’s property. This is to ensure that the customer must get the best experience they have expected from them.

Some important steps the client must look into for pool tile cleaning:

Upon planning of cleaning pool tiles, there are few steps the customer must take into consideration. Just like:

  • Making an appointment-a pool technician will come out to your pool to assess the current state of tile as well a measure the perimeter of the tile. Then we will be able to give you a free estimate. We usually need to remove 5 to 6 inches of water to perform our pool tile cleaning and pebble-tec cleaning services.
  • Pool Tile cleaning result- this time the pool will be filled up with the desired water level. Scottsdale will now offer to seal the client’s pool tile with a product that is specially designed to slow return of calcium on the tile. Consequently, it is now time for the client to enjoy their pool with a very nice back to new pool tile.

How could the methods for cleaning tiles help in achieving the quality result?

  • pool tile cleaning azGlass Bead blasting this method uses excellently round glass beads. These beads are considerably fine which is about the size of a needle tip. This is solely used to clean the calcium, oil, and dust off the tiles and grout. Glass bead blasting is essentially used on pebble tec pools. The glass beads which are comfortably cleaned up after cleaning of the tile is completely done both in the deck and in the pool. This will never affect the balance of the water.
  • Salt blasting- makes use of Kieserite purposely shooting it at low pressure. As the salt hits the surface it pops and the force frees the calcium from the surface of the pool tiles. Salt blasting is used on ceramic, sandstone and any other type of tiles. Everything is organic and environmentally friendly for the ph is neutral and is believed to be a new and safe way to clean the tiles. Thus, making it extremely shiny for it polishes the tiles very well.
  • Soda blasting- is just as the same to glass bead blasting, the only difference is it uses sodium bicarbonate for a softer media, It is used for stone, ceramics and at times on pebble tec. It would cause a high ph sometimes and the total alkalinity levels will go up a bit in a larger pool.