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Rubber washers; why to use them?

Why do we use rubber washers, we use rubber washers for numerous reasons. Mainly it is kept to keep the mechanical parts together and assemble them probably. There are some of the main usages of all different sizes of rubber washers.

  1. Some of the rubber washers do have special design to keep the bolt and the nut from coming loose. These are basically known as lock washer these may be of diverse type wavey, star type, split ring type, one or any of the extra designs. It can be used with the other parts which can probably turn like nut and assemble the part easily. It may also be utilized for the bolt head where the thread has the bolt screw in on one assembly part.
  2. Superior flat washersThese rubber washers are in most of the instances utilized for protection of the assembled part; especially the top. While the tightening process nut and bolt both the head turns. This process is pertinent when softer materials like plastic, Aluminum or Brass are used and a hard material is used for the washer.
  3. When we use a thinner material sometimes we have to use the larger dimensional washers which can hold the nut tightly, and it helps for distribution of the tight bolt pressure to the large part of the thinner material. In this process the washer is used against the thin material. It can help to keep that thin material together.
  4. The assemblies generally have a hole that is over size or slotted towards one side. This pattern of design allows the tolerance in the holes size and to keep them in their location in the assembled parts. There is another variant of design which is long slotted hole which helps to adjustment of one part relative to the other part before the nut and bolt are completely tightened. A washer can be used over the slotted hole so that they can take the tightened bolt pressure to spread the pressure across the whole slot and on its part itself.

These are some of the usages of rubber washers