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Build Up Confidence The Suit Styles You Should Own

The quality of the suit is often the factor most men should look for. If you need more than one suit, you should determine first which suits to buy that fits you well. If you are building a wardrobe, you should be specific in which order to buy your suits based off color. Combatant Gentlemen can help you when buying suits of a different color. Buying one you love as well as you can wear is a great choice. The shop online offers the most versatile and appropriate suits for any situations. When it comes to suits and colors, here is everything you need to know about buying a suit.

  • Navy Blue Single-Breasted

This suit style is the most versatile thing in your wardrobe, it can be worth investing in a few of them. You can have one in a breathable cotton for summer and one in wool for winter. It is also great to have another in a mohair or silk mix for transitional seasons. This color will blend in any styles or inner shirts you want to pair on.

This can make a statement for a T-shirt, a crew-neck sweater or a full placket polo shirt. You can also rock this suit with a classic white shirt and a tie combination, a solid blue suit will see you through. If you are tall and lean, opt for something with plenty of structure. The suit that is a bit lighter if you are on the shorter side will do.

  • Grey Windowpane Check Three-Piece

If you can rock this one, then go for it. This three-piece suit style is actually not for everyone. You need to choose a high-quality grey windowpane check suit in your tailoring arsenal. It is effective to cut from a light, crisp-handled wool as this is the most useful tool that you can have. The best thing about this suit style is the fact that you can use each piece as a modular element in your look.

Combatant GentlemenThis can be also a great option for weddings or more formal occasions. You can wear the jacket as a blazer with some blue suit trousers. Try also wearing the waistcoat with another of your suits for a more formal than usual effect. For this style, you should avoid those carrying a little extra timber around the midriff.

  • Black Men’s Suit

The black suit can be very versatile as the other color. Make sure to pick the perfect cut tuxedo with a smart peak lapel and satin or grosgrain details on the trousers. This jacket will always look great at any event that you wish for. Yet, this color type won’t really work for every skin type. This can be great for a man with a darker complexion and dark hair. Otherwise, this suit won’t look flattering on a man with lighter complexion and light hair. This will only wash you out for the stark contrast with anything else you are wearing. in most formal occasions, this suit style is essential.

When buying a suit, how well your suit fits will always matter. Opt for something comfy to wear and a suit with the high-quality fabric. The appropriate fabrics and styles will allow your suit to breathe. The suit that will cool you down in the summer and tweed will keep you warm in the winter is essential.